looking for their furever home!


Purscilla is a 2-year-old green eyed sweetheart.

She was found on the streets as a stray and was going to be released after being fixed (thus the ear notch) but she was so sweet with a great motor, so purred her way into the South Plains SPCA system. Her hind legs looked like something had got ahold of her, and now that she is healed - might have some nerve damage. She can jump up on the bed and couch but will probably never jump up onto a table or countertop. She loves to have her own space just to chill, (bed, couch, chair.) In the mornings she will sit/lay down beside you while you have your morning coffee, and in the evenings, she will come lay beside you to get petted. **She is not fond of being picked up and will do a warning meow**She purrs and will rub against you and even headbutt you when she wants her head scratched. She loves a good chin and the top of her head scratching and is warming up to belly rubs. She is self-entertained by a hanging leather string (used to have a feather, but she prefers just the string. Lol) She LOVES Temptations surfers delight treats.

She would probably like to be an only child, in an adult home. Her adoption fee is $100. She is spayed, has rabies vaccination, and is microchipped!


This is Luna she was a very pregnant, scared stray when she came to the SPCA, it took a lot for her to trust any humans. She was an awesome mom and now that her babies are ready for there on homes she is in need of a loving home with a loving human family. She has been around other cats and she keeps to herself. She has also shared a living space with 3 dogs and she is fine if they leave her to herself. She does get very anxious in strange situations so Would prefer to have private visits if interested in adopting please contact the SPCA to set up an appointment.


Jasper is a very sweet female that was abandoned in January by individuals who moved and left her to fend for herself. She was then fed along with the other neighborhood cats. On May 15th, she was brought inside because she was limping and later that evening gave birth to four kittens! Jasper is spayed, up to date on her immunizations and microchipped. She loves to be the center of attention. She doesn't get along with dogs and would be better without very young children. Jasper’s -adoption fee is $100.


This sweet little face is Tilda. Life hasn’t always been easy for Tilda. She was found and rescued with an injury to her back leg from a dog attack. She needed surgery and spent some time healing up at the vet’s office before entering her foster home. Even with her bad experience with dogs she is a happy girl and has done great with her foster family. Tilda is an indoor kitty that is currently living with other cats, small dogs, an older child, and is doing excellent! Her leg healed up great and she can run and jump with no problem. Tilda can take a bit to warm up to new people and environments but once she does, she is so very sweet! She is not a fan of being picked up but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a fan of attention. When she is looking for cuddles she loves to come and find you! If you sit on the floor or in a comfy chair it makes her feel more comfortable and she will come straight to you. When Tilda does want love she appreciates a good booty scratchin’. You'll catch her raising her caboose up in the air when you've found the right spot. She also loves giving head bumps and having her belly rubbed. If you pet her while sitting on the floor with her, she'll fall over and begin rolling with happiness! Once she’s really comfortable, she will try to snuggle in your lap every chance she gets. Tilda enjoys looking out the window, relaxing on the cat tree, and scratching her cardboard scratcher. Tilda isn’t very chatty, but sweetly responds when you talk to her. She has the daintiest little meow. Tilda is a sweet, shy girl and would need a little time to get used to her new home. Tilda is hoping there will be a patient person or family who understands confidence and trust doesn’t always come easily for some kitties. Tilda is looking for a home that is understanding and will give her time to warm up.


A lot of commotion can startle her so Tilda would do best in a laid back home with other cats, small cat-friendly dogs, and maybe older patient children. It would help her adjust if you give her a cubby or a box to hide in if she gets too overwhelmed. Please be sure to put a soft blanket or even an old t-shirt in it to make it cozy. Then, place it in a quiet corner of the living room so that way she can get used to the sounds and smells of her new home from a safe and comfy spot. Tilda may be a shy girl but she is also a very happy girl. Once she feels confident, her tail is always up and in happy mode. Tilda is approximately 3yrs old, is spayed, microchipped, up to date on vaccinations and ready for her loving, forever home!


Elsa is a 2 year old white cat with blue eyes and is deaf. She was found by her foster on a Facebook Ad. Elsa was living outdoors and that is not safe for a deaf cat. Her foster brought her home where she had 4 kittens a month later. She is a wonderful cat with a loving personality. She does great with kids and dogs, Elsa does not like other cats. She takes wonderful naps, plays visual games on the iPad, watches birds from the window, and loves catnip. For her safety, Elsa would need a loving indoor home with only supervised outdoor time.


This is Shima. She is a loving little girl who is good with rabbits. She is good with dogs and other cats once she gets to know them. She was pregnant when brought in and still needs a little weight put on her but she is happy and healthy and almost ready for a new home.

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