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• Needs extra patience

• Lovable, sweet, but very shy

• Very talkative when it comes to food!

• Private meetings only


male / 8 months

This handsome boy is Ingot. He was named Ingot because we knew he would need to warm up before he could be forged into a great house cat. He is looking for a very special home that will give him lots of time and patience to continue figuring out humans are ok.

When he came to his current foster's home with his mom and siblings, he was terrified of people and had to be trapped in order to be transported there. He has since learned that people mean food and toys, loves lounging in soft beds, but is still too anxious to stick around for pets.

Ingot is very curious and is always nearby wanting to see what everyone is doing but quickly flees if attention is focused on him. He's like a shadow, always behind you but disappears if you shine the light on him. Despite his reservations, he meows for food at mealtimes and loves to chase toys.

Because he was a much older kitten when he arrived to his foster's home, his progress has just been slow but he has the most expressive eyes and when you look into them you just know he's appreciative of all the love and care he receives, even if he's just not ready yet for snuggles.

Ingot was born at the end of April 2022. Due to Ingot's special concerns, he is only available for private meetings. 

My adoption fee is $150 - I’m neutered, current on vaccinations and I’m microchipped! Please come visit me and see if I would be a good fit for you! Email with further questions!

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