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Hello there guys, as you guys can see I am still in the Spspca’s system and have yet to find my forever people after 2 years.

My name is Annie and I am a 4 year old, female, American bulldog mix. Although I do have some energy I like to get out I truly am a sweet girl. I need a good active family or maybe even just a single person if that’s who my person just happens to be. I do get really sad seeing all of these dogs going to their forever families and i am still waiting on mine.

I am good with kids but due to my size I can sometime get a little to happy and forget that I am a bigger dog. For that reason we believe I should be in a home with kids 10 years or older. I would prefer to be an only dog as sometimes I don’t always like when other dogs get too close to me, but I am good with other smaller submissive male dogs when we are properly introduced.

I am kennel and house trained. I love playing with all the toys and getting love and kisses and I am a sucker for a good car ride! I am on a special urinary food and will need to be on that the rest of my life unless a veterinarian clears me.

I can go on a home visit with you for 1 week to make sure we are the perfect fit for each other. My adoption fee is $150 and includes up to date shots, heart worm test, microchip and spay. If interested in adopting Annie, send an email to


Hey ya'll, my name is Sully. I'm a 1-year-old Saint Bernard mix. I'm a BiG boy! And I'm only going to gain more weight as I fill out. See, my foster mom rescued me from a small shelter. I was covered in ticks. I heard her and my foster human brother mention that I probably had 200 ticks on me that they had to pick off. So as you might expect, I had 2 tick diseases. I have been on medication for the last 3 months to get healthy. I am all healthy now so that's why I say I'm going to be a big huge boy when my body catches up! Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a happy boy. I love love love to play and my foster mom has said I need to get ALL my energy out daily so I can relax with the fam. So, I really need an active person or family that will play with me or include me in your active lifestyle. I love to play in the water. A lot of time, loud noises scare me and I will look to you to comfort me, as a lot of the time, I want to climb in a lap. My mom says "Sully you are so big." Ha Ha, whatever that means. My foster mom says I can be stubborn and sometimes she has to tell me several times to stop doing something. So, I need someone who is patient as I learn what you want me to do. I think training will be a great, fun thing for me to learn so I can focus. I am good with other dogs and love to play. I am a very "in your face dog." So, I definitely need a laid back dog or dogs that won't mind that I am going to annoy them sometimes because I want to play. I would do best with another dog in the home. I sleep in my crate at night and I am potty trained. Sometimes, I will bark when my foster mom leaves home or I hear a leaf blow or something, so an apartment life wouldn't be good for me. I don't know if I would be good with cats. I am good with kids, I love everyone, but I don't realize how big I am and come in "way hot" sometimes haha. So, I would be best with older kids, probably 10 years and older. My foster mom says I'm the sweetest thing but stubborn. And sometimes I will look at you with the saddest puppy dog eyes when you tell me no! My foster mom says "That doesn't work on me Sully, you have to learn boundaries." Geez! I guess she is right! I am food protective so I need to be fed separately from other dogs. My foster mom feeds me in my crate and waits until all my foster doggy siblings are done eating.

So, this is all about me. My adoption fee is $150 and includes up to date shots, heartworm test, and preventative, microchip, and neuter. I can go on a home visit with you for 1 week! If interested in adopting Sully, send an email to


Hi I’m Meadowlark.... aka the big couch potato- Couch potato seeks new couch. I haven’t always been a couch potato... here’s my story. About 8 months ago I was found in a field in the middle of nowhere with my 8 newborn puppies and my baby daddy. I was about a year old and so skinny but living a life of freedom and the great outdoors. I was used to doing what I wanted. I was then brought into the SPCA and kept with my babies until they were old enough to be adopted. During this time I was treated like a queen and learned what the indoor life was like and found “the couch “ .... it’s my favorite. It was also found I had heart worms so after my puppies were weaned, I received treatment and then kept quiet and in a stress free life so my heart could heal and with you guessed it..... more couch time. I am now healthy, free of heartworms and weigh 50 pounds! I am the sweetest dog and love to cuddle and share my couch with people and other dogs. So get this..... now that I’m healed and ready for my forever home my foster mom wants me to walk on this thing called a “leash.” And.... she wants me to go outside and in my crate on command rather than go when I feel like it. Doesn’t she know I’m the queen? I mean I don’t have accidents in the house, I get along with all the other dogs and children in my home.... so why not just let me have my couch all day. I don’t love car rides and I really don’t like leashes on.... yet. Well, she insists we work on that so we are, and since the dog crates at adoptions on Saturdays aren’t large enough for my couch I am currently only doing private meetings rather than Saturday adoptions. If interested, please email I’m up to date on all vaccines, spayed , microchipped, and on heartworm prevention. I’m happy to go home with you for a week and see if we are a good fit!


Meet our ladies’ man on the prowl for his forever home, Casanova lives up to his name as a lover and looking for his permanent cuddle buddy. After a rough life on the streets with a bum leg from an untreated run in with a car, he was finally captured and realized that a life on the couch is where it is at. This 2 year old Aussie mix had to have a leg amputated and his big boy surgery but he is ready to start exploring his options and his foster momma is sure there will be a line of people wanting to stare into his big brown eyes. He is crate and doggie door trained and will be starting leash training. He can’t get up on high beds without stairs but is fine with chairs and couches. He likes smaller dogs and is learning how to be a rough and tumble, play for fun little brother to his Aussie foster brother after struggling to understand that playing can be fun. He hasn’t been around younger children. Cas wants love and wants to be where you are and can get underfoot until you let him know he needs to move and settle. He doesn’t beg but will watch you eat in case something hits the floor and needs immediate cleaning. He is current on all vaccinations, neutered, microchipped and heartworm negative. His adoption fee is $150 and he would love to check out your couch on a home trial visit.

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