These dogs & cats are on a home visit, if it doesn't work out they'll be available again soon...stay tuned! 


Hello! My name is Holly. I’m a 2 year old American Bulldog (I have the tail to prove it). My foster found me living in a field. The first weekend I didn’t trust her but the next weekend I had my sweet baby Max with me and we were hungry and she was kind so we hopped in her car and she took us home. Having a safe place to sleep with food, water and LOVE...lots of love has been amazing. I absolutely LOVE to be loved on. In fact I will do anything for your attention...including dancing and running in circles. I know how to sit but my butt wiggles so much it’s hard to keep it still long. I am so giddy with joy that it takes lots of running to chase balls, birds, snowflakes, and anything flying to wear me out. I LOVE to play ball...especially the keep away part. 😜. I’m learning not to jump but I just get so excited to see you and get your love I can barely contain myself. I’m very strong and have been known to soar over a short fence. I think I kind of resemble Wonder Woman as I leap and soar to go save the world outside of my yard. My foster mom says I hop like a deer through the yard chasing invisible things. I love kids big enough to play with me that know I’m strong and energetic as I may knock them over playing. I think cats are meant for dinner but dogs can be great playmates once we learn to get along. I cannot wait to meet my new active, fun, playful family that’s full of love and patience!!


This is Max. Max weighs 30lbs and is around ( ) years old and good with other dogs, of all sizes, after he warms up to them. Max can be a bit of an escape artist, so he needs a secure backyard, and does not need to be left unattended for long periods of time. He LOVES to cuddle and give kisses. Hes a very energetic little guy but will just as easily curl up and tale a nap. Max is crated trained, but prefers to be out with his person/ people. He has been sleeping in bed with me at night. He has let me know when he needs to go potty. He hasnt had any accidents in the house, but will sometimes lift his leg to mark. He will stop when corrected.

Max is the sweetest boy who just wants to be loved.


Hello! 🐾 my name is PeeWee! I am a two year old mix. I was left out in the cold at night with just a candle and blanket to keep me warm, thankfully my neighbor saw my conditions and saved me. I have been so thankful ever since.
I LOVE to cuddle and take naps. It doesn’t matter if we just woke up, I can go right back to bed. I’m a very loving and affectionate boy, I will want to be near you or around you. I love to snack on bones and run around the yard with my foster brothers and sisters. I am great with children and cats don’t bother me at all!! I am neutered, microchipped, and up to date on my vaccinations.
My adoption fee is only $150! You can take me on a home visit for a week to see if we are a good match! ❤️

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