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Brutus and Ceasar 

You know how when you see Pooh Bear, Piglet is never far behind? Or how you cannot think of Batman without Robin crossing your mind. Well that’s kind of our situation. See even our names tell you we are a pair that should never be split up. I’m Brutus. The handsome brown one in the pictures. The other good looking white-brown-spotted fella is my bro Caesar. Now I know what you’re thinking. Right away your mind wandered into the whole Shakespeare thing and we are enemies and so on. Not us. We go together like peanut butter and jelly. Just as sweet too!

We both are Chihuahua-Mix and both of us weight about 10 lbs. We were born about 2 years ago. We got placed in a shelter for a bit and man was that scary. I couldn’t stand the thought of my brother and I being separated. Luckily for us a lady came and rescued us. Together! For about a year, we were living the dream. Then our owner couldn’t do it anymore. She had to give us up. So here we are again.

Our new foster mom and dad took us both after they realized we needed each other. I mean look at our pictures. Where you see Brutus, you see Caesar and vice-versa. We are like one dog but double the fun. One thing is for sure, we are good boys. Our fosters think we are the cutest, sweetest, most low maintenance fur-babies they ever had. I say they are correct in that description. We are very chill dogs that want to only love our human. Sure, we love to play too. Don’t get me wrong. We love to mix it up some. It’s all in good fun though and when it’s time to relax, we do. Caesar and I love toys and treats. We don’t really like cats, and we would respect kids if they respected us. We both sleep in our kennel. One big one for the both of us would be fine. Oh, and no accidents at all. We both got that down. Both of us have been neutered and we are up to date on all our shots.

So, listen. Think of it this way. If you could get two sportscars, or two houses, or two ice creams, why wouldn’t you? You only live once. Here is the opportunity to get two fantastic pets. I can’t be without my brother and he can’t be without me. Look at the pictures. Inseparable. If you want to come meet us, just go for it. I hope Caesar and I get to meet you Saturday.


Hi! My name is Chase. I'm a 1 yr old little Chihuahua mix with a huge personality, who wants to be your new best friend!

When I'm not running around playing with my foster family friends, you can find me curled up in a warm lap. I LOVE to cuddle. My foster mom says I'm a good boy because I dont bark a lot. I get along with other dogs of all sizes, boys and girls. I like a good hard chew bone every once in awhile, but mostly I want to be in a lap. I sleep in my bed in my crate all night. Mom says I'm the only chihuahua she's ever heard howl when I'm ready to eat or get out of my crate. I've been told it's very cute. I am house and crate trained. I love to eat, but I take my time, so I have to eat in my crate so my food doesnt get stolen! My adoption fee is $150 and includes up to date shots, heart worm test and preventative, microchip and neuter. I can go on a 1 week home visit with you to see how everything goes. If interested in adopting Chase, send an email to


Meet Aeolus (A-O-lus).


Hello. My name is Aeolus. I'm a terrier mix (possibly poodle, but no idea). I'm named after the God of Wind in Greek mythology because my foster momma said when she first got me, I had some tummy troubles and sat at her feet and tooted for a while. When my momma first got me, I was a cranky boy! I wouldn't let people touch me and I was seemingly aggressive. Turns out, I was just reactive. Momma didn't know I had stickers in my chin that hurt. After a quick vet visit, I'm all better! Now, I am a happy boy who loves to cuddle and sleep in bed with you! I am well trained, I know sit, stay, shake, down, leave it, and drop it. I am kennel trained, though I do whine if it's not bedtime and I have to be closed in. I am well behaved with dogs, though puppies annoy me, a bit. I have not been around too many big dogs, but I do fine with Mom's English bull and schnauzer. I DO NOT LIKE CATS!!!!!! I do fine with mom's 3 year old and her 11 year old, but I would prefer kiddos who listen when I say I am not wanting to be manhandled. I would be a great companion dog for someone who is gonna spoil me like the prince I am and doesn't mind a serious lap dog. I am fixed and up to date on all of my shots. My adoption fee is $150 but it's a real steal because mom says I'm a real gem and she's gonna miss me a whole lot.

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