looking for their furever home!


Hi my name is Nemo! I am a 3 year old male dachshund mix. I was previously adopted three years ago as a puppy but I have been returned to my previous foster at no fault of my own. My name Nemo because of a birth deformity with my leg, it doesn’t stop me from getting around though. We are getting used to home life more and more. I have been getting used to have a routine and staying in a kennel when my foster parents are working. I do get along with my foster siblings but can get bossy if they start rough housing. Im also not really sure about cats, we’ve never seen the strange creatures before! And my foster parents say I definitely should NOT be around live stock of any sort! I prefer women but will slowly warm up to men, I’m just not entirely sure about them at first. I’m doing well on house training and getting used to being in a kennel when our foster parents aren’t home. But our favorite things to do is eat, romp in the yard, and give kisses! I am spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped.


Peanut was found as a stray in the middle of University Ave. He’s approximately 6 years old. He eats pedigree canned food and Iams hard food. He can sometimes be food and treat reactive but has been trained that when he sees you getting his bowl ready or grabbing a treat, he runs into his crate. He is crate trained for when I’m away from the house and house trained. He eats his food in his crate. He can be needy at times and wants to be right in your face but all he wants is love, love and more love. He’s been an inside dog his entire existence and sleeps in the bed with his human at night.



Meet Zoey. I’m an 8 month old Dachshund/terrier mix. I weigh about 12 pounds. I’m full of life and have lots of energy. I am not a big fan of small children so I need to be in a home with kids over the age of 10. I am still working on potty training but do not use the bathroom in my kennel. I need to be taken out often and need patience while working on potty training. I love dogs of all sizes and love to run and play with them. I have not been around cats so I’m not sure about those creatures. I am currently eating Purina one true instinct with turkey and venison. Zoey is microchipped, spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and heart-worm free. I’m crate trained too and do well in my kennel at night. My adoption fee is 150.00. I’m ready for my furever home. β€οΈπŸΎ 


Hi everyone. This is Freddie Mercury. He went by the name Sonic for a while, but this little guy needed a new start in life so his name was changed. He is a 1 year old Chihuahua that weighs about 5 pounds. Freddie, like most of our fur babies at SPCA, had a rough start to life. Last November, Freddie lost his owner in a tragic fire. He misses his home and his life prior to the changes he has had to endure. He will try to run and escape, but this is due to him wanting to go back to a home that unfortunately is no longer there. He will need time to adjust and get to know his new family. Once he gets accustomed to his new home, he will not be a runner anymore. One thing for sure is that he is very loving and extremely sweet. He loves to be held. His hair is really fine and that makes him soft and truly huggable. He like to chill in his kennel and will sleep there throughout the night without making a mess. He also likes to sleep on the bed, so whatever you want, he seems good with. He is a bit nervous so it is recommended that Freddie go to a home where he will be an only dog or be paired with a companion around his size. Anything more will be too stressful on him and might have a negative impact on him. Currently he is under his normal weight so he need to be monitored for some time until his weight normalizes. Maybe a week or two. We cannot stress how sweet Freddie is and what a wonderful addition he would be to anyone wanting to help him start a new life. Freddie has been neutered and is up to date on his shots. If you are looking for a sweet dog with lots of potential to grow with you, look no more. Freddie is waiting for you.


Hi everyone. This is Missie. She is a 2 year old, 11 lbs., Chihuahua-Mix. Missie was an owner surrender to SPCA. Her elderly owner made the choice to surrender Missie because she was not able to care for her. Since we have had Missie, she has shown to be a well-mannered little lady. We have had no issues with her. Although a little skittish at first, Missie warms up to you really fast. She rarely barks and cuddles up to you when you are relaxing. Other dogs do not seem to be a problem for her, as she gets along well with our other fur-babies and fosters. She will shy away from new people, especially men until she gets to know them, and they gain her trust. The same goes for children. Missie is kennell trained. She makes no messes and will stay in her kennel at night. She understands to do her business outside. She is very low maintenance. Missie will need someone to have patience with her as she transitions into a new life and fur-ever home. It will not be a hard task for someone who is wanting a lifelong companion. Like I said, she is super sweet and will love unconditionally. She is spayed and up to date on her vaccinations. Missie is a sweetheart. If you are looking for a sweet family dog or just a companion, look no more. Missie will be waiting for you at adoptions.


Hi fellow dog lovers. Please allow me to introduce to you our current foster baby, Chloe. She is a 1 year old Terrier-Chi Mix. Chloe, like most of our SPCA dogs, has not had a lot of good luck in her life but she is a survivor and really a great dog. Chloe belonged to an elderly woman that was not able to care for her anymore due to health complications. Hence Chloe was surrendered to SPCA along with her litter of puppies in late October. Sadly her puppies did not make it. Since November, she has begun working her way back from the trouble life took her through and she has bounced back strong. Chloe loves to run and play. She does well with other dogs and is really smart. She outwits some of the others when they play. At times she gets a need for human attention and an occasional pick up and hug does the trick. At first she will be shy, but that is any dog that is unsure of trusting complete strangers, so give her a minute to know you. She does well with children, but we are unsure about cats. Treats are always welcomed and she remains in her kennel to sleep at night. She likes her space and does not whine while in there, and does not make a “mess”. She will sit and cuddle during TV and reading time, or just lay in her kennel bed. She truly is a good dog. Again the only thing is that initial meeting. She may seem unsure of you, but it’s a trust thing. Chloe has been spayed and is up to date on vaccinations. If you think you may want the chance to meet this cutie, please come by Saturday. I assure you once she is comfortable, she will steal your heart with those ears!


Hello! My name is Dupree and I am a 1 1/2 yr old scottish terrier mix. Me and my 4 sisters came to South Plains SPCA after our owner passed away and it left all 10 of us with an unsure future.Our owner's family reached out to many rescues and some of my siblings went with family so don't worry! In the end we all found a rescue or new home! Me and my sisters all tested positive for the two tick diseases Ehrlichiosis and Anaplasmosis. After 2 months of medication I am cleared by the vet and now I can begin my journey to find my new forever home! I am house trained as well as crate trained. I do enjoy the company of female dogs more then male dogs. Or even being the only dog suits me just fine! I love attention and getting cuddles and kisses! My Foster mom has two teenage sons and I love them alot but little kiddos tend to make me pretty nervous. My foster mom believes children 13 and up would be a much better fit for me. I love to talk when I am playing and my tail never stops wagging! I am currently eating Pedigree small breed dog food and I love it as well as a good rawhide or squeaky toy! πŸ’™πŸ•πŸΆπŸ’™ I can go on a home visit! A home visit means I can go home with you for a whole week to see if we are a perfect match! πŸ’™πŸΆπŸ•πŸ’™


Hi! My name is Twister! I am about a year old terrier mix. My foster mom tells me I’m a perfect mix between excited and just plain cuddly. It’s a must that I sleep under the covers with you, it’s my favorite spot. I don’t like getting up early and when my mom pulls the covers back I always give her my, “I’m not ready to be awake yet” look and stretch. When I finally do wake up, I love to play! I love playing with my other dog friends, I like to play rough so my friends will have be ok with that. I do great in a crate but I do like to announce my disappointment and joy when you first leave and come home and can be loud for a few minutes. My mom tells me my hair looks like a bad 90’s highlight job but it just seems to fit me. I need a bright blue sweatband to go with it. I would do great with kids if they let me cuddle and play with them but do either need a dog friend or little human friends because I sure do love attention and to play! Come see for yourself just how great I really am!


Hi, my name is Vader. I am a 4 & a half yr old terrier mix. I was adopted when I was just 8 weeks old but, through no fault of my own, have been returned. My foster mom says I am the worlds most perfect boy. I am house trained. I am also crate trained, but don't really need it. I sleep in my bed at night just fine. I know how to sit for treats. I LOVE just being a chilled out lap dog. I like to be held and carried, and since I am small, foster mom complies. I get along pretty well with other dogs. I get a little fearful with bigger ones, but I tolerate them. My life has been upended recently, so I need some time to adjust and trust you.

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