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Hello! My name is Holly. I’m a 2 year old American Bulldog (I have the tail to prove it). My foster found me living in a field. The first weekend I didn’t trust her but the next weekend I had my sweet baby Max with me and we were hungry and she was kind so we hopped in her car and she took us home. Having a safe place to sleep with food, water and LOVE...lots of love has been amazing. I absolutely LOVE to be loved on. In fact I will do anything for your attention...including dancing and running in circles. I know how to sit but my butt wiggles so much it’s hard to keep it still long. I am so giddy with joy that it takes lots of running to chase balls, birds, snowflakes, and anything flying to wear me out. I LOVE to play ball...especially the keep away part. 😜. I’m learning not to jump but I just get so excited to see you and get your love I can barely contain myself. I’m very strong and have been known to soar over a short fence. I think I kind of resemble Wonder Woman as I leap and soar to go save the world outside of my yard. My foster mom says I hop like a deer through the yard chasing invisible things. I love kids big enough to play with me that know I’m strong and energetic as I may knock them over playing. I think cats are meant for dinner but dogs can be great playmates once we learn to get along. I cannot wait to meet my new active, fun, playful family that’s full of love and patience!!


Hello! My name is Tucker!! I am a 1 year old neutered male lab/boxer mix. I am a very sweet cuddly boy that loves to play with other dogs, I don’t really bother cats and I love kids. I am also house and crated trained. After running and playing outside with my furry friends, my favorite place to be is snuggled up with my little boy.

DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?? My foster mom, said I AM one.

I was born with a condition called PRAA! It was where a vessel from my heart stayed wrapped around my esophagus. It then caused a condition called Mega Esophagus or Mega E for short! Well, this caused me to be very sick and lose a lot of weight. The SPCA rescued me from being euthanized and sent me for surgery to remove the vessel restricting my esophagus. This rarely reverses the damage to the esophagus but allows for the food to travel easier past the affected area.



I recently went back for a new evaluation on my esophagus. It involves some liquid and an Xray machine. What they discovered…..I am CURED! They removed all of my restrictions. However, it is still advised that I eat smaller meals from a raised bowl of small bites dry food. So now, my meals come twice a day on a chair, bench, or even the coffee table some time! My foster mom still mixes in a little water and some soft food just because I’ve been so spoiled!!


As you can see in my pictures, I use to sit in a chair to eat. It’s called a Bailey chair and would help my food make it all the way to my stomach. Since my foster mom is so protective and wants to make sure my new adopter has everything I may ever need…she can send my Bailey chair with me just in case I need it in the future.

She also told me that whenever you go out of town that I can go back and play at her house with all my friends. I can’t wait to find my new furever home with lots of love!!


Two brothers from another mother. Meet Cosmo and Jack. These are two of the sweetest guys and best friends and need to be adopted together. They crate together at night. They are crate and doggie door trained. They are so sweet and just love attention. They love squeaky toys. Their family has had lots of life and medical changes. The family will pay for one of the adoption fees to ensure they go together.


Heyyyyyy!!!!!! My name is Annie! I'm a 2 year old pittie!!!!!! I am looking for my forever home! I know, I know I'm beautiful and everyone will want me😋but heres some things y'all should know! I'm a sweet and loving baby! But I will need a home with no little kids. Don't get me wrong I love them soooooo much but I am really strong and don't realize how hard I like to play........ So I need kids over at least 10 years old. I love toys and treats! I know how to sit for them! I am also a great jumper! So I need a tall fenced in yard to play in! I am house trained and kennel trained! But I am a spoiled queen so if I get in trouble I am drama queen and sometime I will take revenge. I really prefer to have a home all to myself with no other pets for I am very picky on who I'm friends with. And plus I get all the attention😂. Well thats all I can think of so if you think I'm perfect for you then come and take me home! Email to setup a private meeting! 


Hey guys Berkleigh here! I am a year and a half old Minpin mix with my current weight at about 22 pounds. I was saved from the shelter after being there since August of last year 😢 my foster momma couldn’t bare to leave me in a kennel one more day and so she took me in. I am now the most happy girl and just want to spend all my time cuddling with my forever human. I am for the most part dog friendly but a proper introduction should take place as I do scare easily when they are larger than me and a male playmate is what I need. I do not know what a cat is. From what my foster momma has seen I am good with older children since they know how to control themselves more and won’t rush me as that scares me. I am currently eating Diamond Naturals beef and rice adult food. Email in for a private meeting! 

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